Bean to Brew

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  • Course cost: $1099
  • Course kit shipping not included
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Course Description

Bean to Brew is a 16-hour comprehensive course focusing on the key coffee quality variables across the coffee value chain. Special emphasis is placed on coffee roasting and tasting. You will participate in practical exercises including roast profiling, cupping, sample roasting, green coffee grading, defects, and more. Lectures topics include history, agronomy, varieties, origins, processing methods, roasting, brewing, and more. You will gain all the skills and expertise necessary to source, roast, and brew coffees that meet any cup profile or quality standard.

What's included?

  • Over 6 hours of video instruction
  • 21 hands-on guided activities
  • 1 live session with your instructor
  • General Knowledge Test
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free eBook


This course does not require any prerequisite knowledge or skill. It is a fantastic course for beginners and experts alike.

Course Kit

Once you register for the course, a course kit will be mailed to you. Cost of shipping is not included in the price of this course. You will be billed separately at cost.

   Required Course Materials

- Coffee Roaster (sample or production)
- Brewing Devices
- Internet Connection
- Scale
- Timer
- Grinder
- Water kettles
- Cupping supplies
- Sizing screens and moisture meter recommended
If you do not have any of the required materials, get in contact with us so we can help!
Meet the instructor

Collin Bay

Collin Bay is a co-founder of First Crack Coffee. Through First Crack's coffee education and production facilities, as well as distribution of Proaster and Bühler roasting equipment, he has worked with thousands of cafes, roasteries and coffee professionals. Mr. Bay has been an SCA AST since 2017.
Patrick Jones - Course author